My Story

Lorenzo’s first encounter with music was at 4 years old, listening to records. He quickly knew that he wanted to make that kind of art himself, and by 7 he had his own guitar - a Christmas gift from his mom and dad. By 8 years old, his neighbor had taught him how to play, and he began performing professionally in bands during his teenage years.
At the age of 23, Lorenzo had an encounter with the Lord Jesus. Giving his heart to Him set Lorenzo in a new musical direction, mostly playing contemporary Christian music concerts and praise and worship in church.

When Lorenzo was 32, he and his wife felt called to become missionaries and, along with their two daughters, moved to England to start a church. There he pastored a church for the following 12 years, all while evangelizing with his music in cities throughout Great Britain and parts of Europe.

After returning to Texas in 2001, Lorenzo reunited with friend and brother in the Lord, George Matranga, who, after hearing some of Lorenzo’s songs, encouraged him to record his music. From that point on, George called Lorenzo for 10 straight years telling him that God wanted him to get his songs out to the people. His wife also always encouraged him that he needed to get his music out, which was the confirmation Lorenzo needed.

Finally, in March of 2015, he began recording his music at George Matranga’s studio, Heart of the Arts Recording Studio. After two years of perseverance and pouring his heart into the project, the album was finished and released in 2017 - “Better late than never” as Lorenzo says, and as the album is fittingly titled.